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El Segundo, CA 90245
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Wellspect HealthCare manufactures the LoFric® hydrophilic intermittent catheter – the first one in the world. We are well known with customers and health care professionals for our expertise and commitment to urological products, services and support. Over the years, we have continually developed better options for people who self-catheterize. And to make sure we get it right, we work in close collaboration with people who catheterize and medical professionals. Ongoing research and development is aimed at finding new ways to support caregivers and improve quality of life for people who catheterize worldwide.

LoFric is the world’s only catheter with Urotonic™ Surface Technology – a unique technology unmatched by any other catheter that provides even lubrication. The surface layer stays intact during insertion and more importantly, during removal. This reduces the level of urethral friction by 90-95% compared with conventional catheters, and has been clinically proven over the past 30 years to reduce the risk of urethral trauma, UTIs and long-term complications.

The LoFric catheter comes in different packaging options for convenience. All LoFric catheters are latex free. To learn more visit www.wellspect.us.