Call for 2020 Conference Program Planning Committee Members

SUNA is seeking members to volunteer to serve on the 2020 uroLogic Conference Program Planning Committee. This is a great opportunity to serve on a SUNA team! Apply by August 2, 2019. See instructions below.


To develop educational content for the uroLogic Conference based on identified needs of SUNA members and principles of adult learning using ANCC-COA criteria.

The qualifications and responsibilities of this committee are presented below. This involves a significant time commitment. We invite you to submit your application if you meet the qualifications and are interested in volunteering to be a part of this enthusiastic, self-motivated group. Applicants must be willing to serve on the committee for a 1-year term.

Committee Time Commitment

September 2019 to October 2020


  1. Active member in good standing of SUNA.
  2. Knowledge of urologic allied health care practices and cognizant of current professional issues concerning urology.
  3. Availability and willingness to commit the necessary time to prepare for and participate in meetings, conference calls and conferences as indicated, in order to fulfill the responsibilities of the committee.
  4. Ability to attend the 2020 uroLogic Conference. (Planning Committee members are funded to attend the event they plan – hotel room is shared)
  5. Ability to participate in conference call planning meetings weekly or bi-weekly during specific months to plan the conference.
  6. Proficient in and have daily access to electronic communication methods (email, Internet, file download).
  7. Ability to work with others and follow through with tasks.


  1. Work together to identify the learning needs of SUNA membership by reviewing previous conference evaluations, literature and national trends.
  2. Seek, investigate and research topics & speakers for the conference.
  3. Review and evaluate submitted abstracts.
  4. Invite and follow up with speakers to gain commitment and required information.
  5. Assist with educational program coordination at the uroLogic Conference.
  6. Work to be completed via virtual meetings, email, conference calls, and at the uroLogic Conference.
  7. Attend the 2020 uroLogic Conference in New Orleans.
  8. Attend the 2020 Planning Committee Orientation meeting conducted at the uroLogic Conference in Lake Buena Vista, FL, or via conference call when scheduled.
  9. Participate in conference calls to be scheduled.
  10. Respond to email communications within 2 business days, or as requested by the chair.

Compensation for Planning Committee members includes complimentary registration to the uroLogic Conference they planned, travel (capped at $500), and four 1/2 nights hotel (members are encouraged to room share).


If you are interested in volunteering for this committee and meet the qualifications, send an email responding to the question “Why are you interested in serving as a member of the Planning Committee?” and your current curriculum vitae/resume (abbreviated with the qualifications for this role) to, with the subject line: SUNA Program Planning Committee. Please apply by August 2, 2019 to be considered.

SUNA members are the strength of our association. Your time, talent, and expertise guide the organization and advance the specialty. Thank you for your continued support of SUNA. Your participation is invaluable!