SUNA Scholarship Recipients Reflect on Conference Experience


2017 uroLogic Conference Scholarship Recipient

I want to thank you so much for the scholarship and affording me the opportunity to attend the SUNA uroLogic Conference in Chicago. It allowed me to keep up to date with the latest changes in various topics and to stay relevant when caring for my urologic patients.

I was able to attend two preconference workshops, which expanded my confidence in utilization of pessaries and opened a door to integrative medicine that was fascinating to learn about. I find myself considering asking each patient to stick out their tongue, so I can practice diagnosing it.

The venue was exceptional, and the city of Chicago is beautiful. I was able to see a little bit of the city that I might not otherwise have been able to experience. The rest of the conference as usual was packed with outstanding speakers. The keynote was incredible and, as always, everything was perfectly organized and well planned. I greatly appreciate and personally understand how much work was put into this conference, and as I visited and reconnected with long-time friends along with making many new ones, I heard nothing but positive comments.

As always after returning home from SUNA’s conference, I am recharged and energized to return to work and put into practice the things I learned. I also am able to share the information with the office staff who were not able to attend.

With much appreciation,

Linda Adams, LVN, CUA
Pacific Urology
Walnut Creek, CA

2017 uroLogic Conference Scholarship Recipient

I would like to thank you for choosing me as a uroLogic Conference scholarship recipient! As many others have in the past, I never took advantage of the scholarships, thinking someone else needs them more than I do. Kathy Marchese emailed those of us who volunteered for APRN activities, strongly encouraging us to apply. I am ever so thankful she did as this gave me the “push” to apply.

I have been a SUNA member for over 10 years and have attended many conferences. It is a great way to learn and ask questions on presented topics. During question/answer time, I always enjoy hearing others’ questions/perspectives on the presentation topic. The conference agenda is also varied enough to meet everyone’s needs. Although I am a NP, I don’t limit my course selections to advanced practice topics instead choosing what will meet my educational needs.

At every uroLogic Conference, I am able to learn so many new things and update my knowledge base. Every session was informative, but the one that hit home was the research presentation, “Work Incivility.”  The presentation gave me an entirely different perspective to bring to our next chapter board meeting. Why? Our chapter will be meeting to discuss the “future” of our chapter as it relates to lack of member responsiveness to meetings. Our chapter members do not express any incivility; however, we NEED to band together as specialists to prevent the turnover and decline in members who enjoy urology. Maintaining our network as specialist benefits our practice and patients with the common goal being evidence-based, hig- quality patient care. Only our specialty understands our populations and the inherent issues we encounter. Losing members affects patient care, but also our ability to grow and support each other. If I can convince other Board members that our uniqueness alone is reason enough to continue our chapter as well as our ability to support each other, then my goal will be accomplished. I am hoping to brainstorm with our board members to consider changing how we run our chapter so we can meet our members’ needs via a different support model. I plan on referencing this research presentation when we meet as an impetus for change.

The uroLogic Conference scholarship could not have come at a better time! I always leave with so many new pearls, which I greatly appreciate. I am also in awe of the presenters, how much they do, and their knowledge base.

Thank you again.

Linda Davis, FNP-C, CUNP
Schenectady Urological Associates
Schenectady, NY

2016 uroLogic Conference Scholarship Recipient

I was one of this year’s very fortunate recipients of the SUNA Foundation Conference Scholarship and for this I am so grateful. I had a wonderful experience attending the preconference and main conference educational sessions and networking with colleagues and vendors in the exhibition hall. I especially enjoyed the preconference entitled “The Ins and Outs of Pessaries,” which both affirmed my current practices and gave me many new ideas on how to improve my current process on selecting and billing for pessaries. The vendor exhibit hall is always enjoyable for me as I am able to see the newest products available for our patients and to make new relationships with company representatives that will definitely be very useful in the future. I am sure all attendees would agree that the keynote speaker Faith Roberts, MSN, RN, was so inspiring that many, including me, were moved to tears. Her presentation also was a very humorous and invigorating way to start a long day of conference events.

I am so impressed with the organizers of this wonderful conference, and I hope it is not another 6 years before I am able to attend another SUNA uroLogic Conference. I took away many practice-changing lessons and have made valuable new collegial connections for which I could not be more appreciative.

Mary Young Wang, DNP, CRNP
Springfield, PA

2016 uroLogic Conference Scholarship Recipient

It was an honor to receive the scholarship for the 2016 uroLogic Conference in Washington, DC. I have been a member of SUNA for several years and feel there is no better resource for urology nurses. It was such a great experience to network with other nursing professionals from around the country. Please accept my gratitude for the opportunity to attend this confererence.

Barbara Allwein, RN, CURN
Fredericksburg, VA

2015 Annual Conference Scholarship Recipient

I just wanted to thank you for selecting me as the recipient of this year’s conference scholarship. For many years I have benefited from the education I received at the SUNA Annual Conference, and this year was no exception. I had the opportunity to attend the hands-on nursing skill preconference this year. The knowledge I obtained by attending this course was knowledge it would be difficult to get in a book or anywhere else. It was unique to our specialty and taught by nurses with a world of experience. In addition, the pearls I received from attending the conference lectures and collaborating with all the outstanding urologic professionals was priceless. I brought back many ideas to improve my practice. Thank you again for this wonderful honor and opportunity.

Cheryl Bothwell, RN, CURN
Lehigh Valley Urology, Easton, PA

2015 Annual Conference Scholarship Recipient

Thank you for choosing me as a scholarship winner to attend the 2015 SUNA Annual Conference. It was quite an honor and a privilege to be in receipt of such an award. While my career has been long and filled with many great experiences, the specialty of urology is relatively new to my practice. In all the areas in which I have practiced, I always strived to have the best knowledge base and to become an expert in the field. I believe that this quality has helped me serve my colleagues and patients in the best possible fashion. Attending this year’s annual conference provided me an opportunity to learn from both the lectures and from networking with peers from around the country. I am of the opinion that it is my professional responsibility to participate in these activities. I am thrilled at having had the chance to attend this year’s conference. I am one step closer to my goal of excellence in urology nursing. I thank you wholeheartedly for assisting me in this endeavor. I look forward to attending future SUNA conferences.

Anne Federico, MA, RN, CCRN, FNP-BC
Duke University Medical Center, Cary, NC

2015 Annual Conference Scholarship Recipient

Thank you for the lovely gift of allowing me to attend the SUNA Annual Conference. As a first-time attendee I did not know what to expect, but ultimately it was a great experience personally and professionally. I am currently working part-time at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Urology. I have been in urology for almost 3 years. Your gift allowed me to learn other ideas and treatments from other physicians and nurse practitioners, which allowed me to share new ideas with the doctor I work for. The lectures also helped me to understand, empathize, and have more patience with our patients. I was able to see and understand that sometimes there are underlying issues that contribute to our patients’ urology issues.

Again, I would like to express my absolute gratitude for being chosen to attend the conference. Being a member of SUNA has been absolutely wonderful. Every month we are learning and discussing new topics, and sometimes have the opportunity to earn CE credits, which is great! Thank you again.

Tasha Perry, LPN
Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Springfield, IL

2015 Advanced Practice Symposium Scholarship Recipient

I was so excited to know that I was chosen to receive the scholarship for the 2015 Symposium in Nashville, TN. I have always enjoyed the meetings, and I was able to attend this year thanks to the Foundation. It was such an honor to be able to network with the SUNA members who attended covering a wide variety of specialties. Being a urology/urodynamics nurse, I have a lot of information to bring back to my practice at Urology Centers of Alabama, PC, in Birmingham, AL.  There were many excellent speakers and a lot of "pearls" in urodynamics.

As a SUNA certified member, I take great pleasure in being part of this wonderful organization and being able to attend many more meetings in the future. Thank you.

Sheila Porter, LPN, CUA
Urology Centers of Alabama, PC, Birmingham, AL

2015 Advanced Practice Symposium Scholarship Recipient

I am writing with deep gratitude for the incredible opportunity to attend the symposium after receiving the SUNA Foundation scholarship. As the lone urodynamicist at my facility, I often feel that I’m working in a vacuum, having few people with whom I can share my ideas or discuss my questions. My goal in attending the symposium was to network with fellow urodynamicists and really tap the experience of the presenting urodynamics gurus. I especially enjoyed “Ask the Experts,” where the experts were so generous in answering my myriad questions! I was able to take that information and immediately apply it to my practice — both in conducting the studies and helping to interpret the results. In addition, I learned so much about male and female sexuality and was, just today as a matter of fact, able to use my newly acquired knowledge to better educate a female patient about sexuality concerns as she enters peri-menopause. The providers I work with appreciate my efforts at finding the most current, evidence-based information and bringing it back to improve care of our patients, and better educate our residents, and staff.

I thank you again for this wonderful opportunity. SUNA continues to be a great organization for urologic nurses at all experience levels. Looking forward to next year’s expanded Annual Conference!

Amy Driscoll, BSN, CURN, CCCN
VA Medical Center, St. Paul, MN

2015 Advanced Practice Symposium Scholarship Recipient

I recently received the privilege of scholarship funding to attend the symposium with focus in the advanced practice area. I would like to take a moment to thank you for this award and enlighten you regarding my experience while attending.

I preface my conference experience by stating that I practice urology under a large and diverse group of talented urologists. These individuals foster an environment of learning and with endless support for their mid-level providers. Thus, my guiding physicians endorse and promote my interest regarding pelvic floor dysfunction, voiding dysfunction and female-specific urologic issues. Given the marked time and financial restraints of conference attendance, your scholarship enabled me to attend seminars relevant to both my inpatient and outpatient practice.

In summary, this conference was well-organized with interesting and relevant topics. Ms. Cate Langley's and Sarah Macmillan's presentations and lectures on pelvic floor anatomy and dysfunction as well as vestibular and vulvar pain qualify as two of the most outstanding presentations during this conference. I incorporate a vast amount of pelvic floor physical therapy and biofeedback to a wide range of urology patients. These lectures were particularly helpful in my understanding of patients' recovery processes and pathways to desired outcomes. Other outstanding lecture include Dr. Jarnagin's review of the mesh controversy and Dr. Resnick's discussion on post-bladder cancer treatment complications. These speakers' vast amount of knowledge and clinical experience reverberated through their presentations and discussions. These lectures provided a concise review of literature and national standards of practice, which subsequently help me understand how to better serve our increasingly complicated patients.

Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity. I look forward to subsequent SUNA meetings.

Michaela French, NP, CUNP
Regional Urology, Greenville, SC

2014 Annual Conference Scholarship Recipient

I would like to thank the SUNA Foundation scholarship committee for choosing me as a scholarship winner. Working as a urology NP, it was great to meet with my colleagues and exchange notes on our practices. The information in the sessions was informative, and the speakers were very knowledgeable. Although my urology group is going through growing pains and changes, I feel we do take excellent care of our patients and according to standards. It was refreshing to meet people from all over the U.S. with the same interests.

It was a well-run conference, and would highly recommend others to apply for a scholarship. It will renew your spirit for urology and SUNA!

Carol Ascher, MSN, FNP-BC
Urology of Virginia, Virginia Beach, VA

2014 Annual Symposium Scholarship Recipient

Thank you and the SUNA Board very much for the scholarship award I recently applied towards my trip to Colorado Springs for the 2014 Annual Symposium. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and it was well worth my time! The Broadmoor Hotel couldn’t have been a nicer facility. The setting was breathtaking and so peaceful. I would highly recommend this location again. The conference hall was across the street from the main hotel, within easy walking distance. The conference hall was comfortable and accommodating.

As for the conference itself, all of the speakers would be recommended again. I learned a great deal about pelvic floor dysfunction and particularly gained new insight from the physical therapists who presented. I also remember the urodynamics presentation with reference to neurogenic bladders which I found very helpful and insightful. Mikel Gray was an excellent speaker. I also enjoyed learning different prolapse reduction techniques during Shanna Atnip’s urodynamics and urogyn presentation. The hands-on pessary preconference workshop was beneficial as well. Colleen, Shanna, and Margaret were very knowledgeable. I loved the technology presentation by Victor, as it is true that we must keep up with those changes to keep up with everything else!

The exhibits seemed to be all product representatives, with one pharmaceutical company present if I recall correctly. It surprised me that there weren’t more pharmaceutical representatives present. I had plenty of time to visit all exhibits and was grateful to have dinner provided one evening. This allowed for time to sit and visit with others, exchanging stories and networking. The Special Interest Groups (SIGs) also allowed for more networking. Topics would vary, but I was pleased to learn about the Online Forums for SUNA members. I look forward to using that at some point soon. I agreed with many others at our SIG that the SUNA Symposium could narrow its focus to the APN role, and then the speakers could brush over the basics while focusing more in depth on assessments and treatments. With one hour per session, it is hard to cover all the information. I found it difficult to pick which courses to attend, as literally every single topic was relevant to our practice and I am able to apply something from every single session I attended!

Again, thank you so much! I came back more motivated, more confident, and more competent!

Beth Bray, MS, RN, FNP-C
Wikoff Urology, PA, Paris, TX

2014 Annual Symposium Scholarship Recipient

 I am so very grateful for the recent opportunity to attend the SUNA Annual Symposium at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. This is one of the greatest educational opportunities available to urological nurses, as well as, providing networking with peers and leaders in urology and urogynecology.

My day to day routine involves urodynamic studies, pelvic floor rehabilitation, PTNS, and assisting the physicians with InterStim and cystoscopy. Being part of a very large multi-provider private practice where we have very little down time, the opportunity to update the latest in urologic procedures and research is extremely valuable.

I have been able to gain much new knowledge that I can bring back and share with the physicians and other staff members at our urogynecology center. There is information that applies to every area of our work. We are very excited to add integrative therapies to the treatment of our pelvic or urogenital pain patients. The information and ideas presented by Donna Carrico, Dr. Hallie Armstrong, and Gail Elliott Patricolo were so valuable and will be utilized in our practice. The information presented by Amy Drean, PT, is being shared here with the other pelvic floor rehabilitation nurses. The presentation and workshop on research and neuromodulation by Dr. Kenneth Peters provided clarification of these treatments and a real excitement about the future of neuromodulation. I enjoyed and gained so much from every workshop and presentation I was able to attend while at the symposium and do not know of any other opportunity that offers this level of information.

I will encourage every urology nurse I come in contact with to attend a SUNA event. And I will forever be thankful for the scholarship that allowed the opportunity to attend this year’s symposium. In addition, being able to attend the symposium allowed me to take the CBUNA certification exam in Colorado. I am hoping to soon see CUA after my name. Thank you so much to the SUNA Foundation for making this all possible.

Deborah Parrish, LPN
Tobbacoville, NC

2013 Annual Conference Scholarship Recipient

As always, I came back from the 2013 Annual Conference with a feeling of empowerment in my field of urological nursing. In particular, my day spent in the biofeedback session of the preconference was particularly informative  and valuable to me. In my workplace, I do urodynamics part of the time and work in the OR and recovery in an ASC facility as well. Biofeedback can be particularly beneficial to many patients, especially when they have had an evaluation with urodynamics. The session I took at the conference inspired a desire to incorporate biofeedback therapy. The equipment is available at my workplace, and no one is using it. After this biofeedback session, which was so well done, I have great interest in getting it started in my workplace! I am truly grateful for having this opportunity to attend the SUNA Conference.

Irene Stazzone, RN, CURN
Fort Myers, FL

2013 Annual Conference Scholarship Recipient

Thank you for the opportunity to attend the 2013 SUNA Conference in Chicago on a SUNA Foundation Scholarship. It was truly an experience and honor. I also was able to take the certification exam while I was there. The entire event was well organized and professional and it was an excellent experience for a urology associate. I met so many wonderful people and was able to gain new information. I was able to gain a weath of knowledge from the sessions I attended and will bring that knowledge back to my practice. Thank you again for the opportunity, and I cannot wait to attend another conference.

Christie Rickard, MA
Urology Associates of Fredericksburg, VA

2013 Annual Conference Scholarship Recipient

It was an honor to receive a 2013 Annual Conference Scholarship. It truly is my passion to grow professionally in the field of Urology. This was my fourth year at the national conference, and as I look back to my first year of attendance, I am overwhelmed with the knowledge I have gained through exposure to peers and incredibly talented colleagues at SUNA. This year, it seemed like there were quite a few “first-timers,” as well as members from a broad range of specialties within urology. This contributed to an undercurrent of enthusiasm that was truly unique to the 2013 conference.

I work in a community based hospital as part of one of the largest healthcare systems in the southeast. While we have endless resources within the system, our hospital is limited by patient acuity and variety.

I am the only Certified Urologic Registered Nurse in my hospital, and I am privileged to serve as the resource (“Potty Queen”) for nurses and providers. There are many times when I have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, but thankfully SUNA rescues me with the resources I need through the annual conference content, website tools, and networking opportunities.

In 2012, I led our hospital’s multi-disciplinary team to Disease-Specific Care certification in Prostate Cancer as awarded by The Joint Commission. An integral part of this program involved reviewing countless clinical practice guidelines and research based articles. This year, I attended a session entitled “Incorporating Standards, Best Practices and Guidelines into your Practice.” The information was exceptionally well presented by two very professional advanced practice nurses. I will use the discussion from this session to guide the Performance Measures within our Program. I am so pleased to observe how SUNA is focused on the high standards of basing our care on evidence.

“The Nuts and Bolts of Pelvic Muscle Rehab Pre and Post-Prostatectomy” was also outstanding. I was amazed at the level of knowledge imparted by the therapists. I learned more about pelvic muscle rehab than ever before. They gave practical and valuable tips, such as “squeeze before you sneeze” and “tighten the muscles like a zipper.” I will absolutely use this information in our Prostate Cancer Disease-Specific Care Program. Pelvic muscle rehab may be easily overshadowed by the cancer diagnosis, but continence is something the patient will deal with for a lifetime!

Finally, our friends from the UK did a fabulous work discussing “Evidence-Based Preparation for Prostate Biopsy: UK Perspective.” They were clever, knowledgeable, engaging speakers. I learned several things to take back to my urologists, including lack of benefit of bowel prep, appropriate antibiotic selection, risk factors for infection and the use of disposable needle guides. This was one of my favorite sessions and very timely given the current PSA screening debate.

Again, thank you for this amazing opportunity. I was able to enjoy the conference as well as the city of Chicago since I had a little more financial freedom than usual! Even after 24 years of nursing, the conference energizes me to go back to my patients stronger and more confident! I appreciate the SUNA Foundation and its commitment to professional growth. I look forward to many years of participation and contribution within the organization.

Amy Saunders, BSN, RN, CPAN, CURN
Carolinas HealthCare System, Charlotte, NC

2013 Annual Conference Scholarship Recipient

Thank you so much for the scholarship! I learned so much and met so many interesting people. I am looking forward to going through my notes and figuring out what changes I need to make and what more to investigate.

Karen Dziuba, CUNP
East Tawas, MI

2012 Annual Conference Scholarship Recipient

Thank you for the opportunity to attend the 2012 SUNA Conference on a SUNA Foundation Scholarship. It demonstrated part of the mission statement of SUNA of promoting further education of SUNA members and I felt privileged to accept this.

The lecturers and lectures were outstanding and I returned with an appreciation of the controversy of using PSA testing. I work with resident physicians and will pass this on to them. The recommendations from the White Paper on prostate needle biopsy should become part of the order sets in our Electronic Medical Record as best practices and I plan to learn how to get this information incorporated.

I could give other examples of the information I gleaned that was current and applicable to my practice, but I would rather give you an overall impression of how this wonderful conference affected me.

I returned to my hospital with a sense of optimism. This optimism is:

  • For patients who have urological problems that there are now wonderful new options for them in their treatment, such as roboknife surgery, nephron sharing procedures, and ADT protocols to extend their lives.
  • Knowing urology nurses are armed with increased knowledge so that we can teach our patients based on evidence, such as how to manage renal cacluli and also support them in their choices if they choose "active surveillance" rather than treatment.
  • Being able to provide patients with innovative products to assist them in managing their lives such as the "Legg-Ins" leg bag that I showed a lady who is dependent on a suprapubic catheter for the remainder of her life due to obliteration of her urethra from Paget's disease.
  • That SUNA's new mission statement is already being actualized.

Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing you in Chicago in 2013.

Louise Nora

2012 Annual Conference Scholarship Recipient

I cannot begin to tell you all how honored I was to be a recipient for the 2012 SUNA Annual Conference Scholarship. The conference was even better than I had anticipated! What a wonderful opportunity it was to hear from very dynamic speakers that have such an expertise in urology.

I work in an outpatient surgery center. I have only been back to work 1 week. I have already had the opportunity to utilize the information I learned at the conference to help educate and care for my patients. I have also been able to share some of the information with co-workers so that they can better care for their patients.

I really enjoy working with our InterStim patients. I was very excited to see not only the InterStim lecture, but also a Special Interest Group (SIG). I have already had the opportunity to practice what I learned on a couple of InterStim patients. With the enhanced knowledge I obtained from the conference about InterStim, I am able to provide better care to the patients. I am really excited the SIG is looking into having a chat room on the new SUNA website. This will allow me to continue to glean information and ideas.

The exhibits were also a great source of information. I was able to bring back patient information on topics like bladder cancer, stone diets, and medications. Our local SUNA chapter is now looking into doing the National Bladder Cancer Awareness walk after talking with the BCAN exhibit hosts.

The conference also helped foster the desire for me to obtain my certification. The precertification review was a wonderful way to see what areas I need to continue to study. I looking forward to continuing to utilize what I learned at the conference in my daily work. Thank you again for this wonderful gift. It was truly an amazing experience.

Julie Wells, RN

2012 Annual Symposium Scholarship Recipient

I would like to thank the SUNA Board of Directors for accepting me as a scholarship recipient for the 2012 SUNA Annual Symposium that took place in San Francisco. I have been a SUNA member since 2008 and had previously attended three symposia. The content of the classes and the desire to further my education kept me coming back for more. Due to financial challenges in 2011, I was unable to attend. I assumed I would be unable to attend again in 2012, but when I was scanning over the information for this year's symposium, I noticed that the scholarship was available!

My goal is to become certified under CBUNA and take the test within the next year. To help better prepare me for the test, I chose sessions specific to areas of urology that I have not recently had exposure to. My current role is based on caring for the female patient so I attended many sessions that involved both male and pediatric urology.

Overall, what a great symposium! Beautiful location, upscale hotel. It was quite an honor and a pleasure to have attended as a scholarship recipient.

Being a recipient made the symposium possible for me, and I would like to again thank the Board of Directors for this generous opportunity.

Kathleen E. Hinterlong, RNC
Clinical Coordinator, Pelvic Medicine & Urogynecology Center
Rush Copley Medical Center

2009 Annual Conference Scholarship Recipient

I would like to take this opportunity to extend a sincere appreciation and thank you for your support and financial assistance which allowed me to attend the SUNA Annual Conference that was held October 2-5, 2009, in Chicago, IL. Attending this conference not only gave me a great educational experience but an opportunity to acquire CNE credits towards maintaining my urology registered nurse certification. My continued education is of great importance to me as it helps me to better provide safe quality care to my patients. It assists with providing information to educate my patients in their various treatment regimens.

One of my favorite things when attending the SUNA conference is the opportunity to network with other nursing professionals from all areas of the U.S. and even some other countries. This is very helpful when you want to know what other urology professionals are doing with regards to treatment and procedures in their specific place of practice. Often, information that is shared may provide the urology practice with an improved way of doing things that can be beneficial for the patient as well as the staff. Each time I have come home from a SUNA conference, I return to work with a refreshed sense of how much I love urology!

Catherine Salk, RN, CURN
Central Maine Urology, Lewiston, ME

2009 Annual Conference Scholarship Recipient

Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to attend the 2009 SUNA Annual Conference. I was so impressed with how well it was organized and the wealth of knowledge that was offered to attendees. I attended all 4 days of the conference so I could take advantage of all the educational programs that were offered. I attended the preconference workshop on Friday: Sacral Nerve Stimulation. I found this very helpful to my nursing practice for the following reasons. I work with 7 urologists and 3 midlevel providers. Our urologists subspecialize, so they don’t all do InterStim. It gave me a new perspective on the treatment and will help when I get calls from patients who have InterStim placements. 

Since I was a first time attendee I did not have a comparison to make for the “green” conference. I do think “going green” was an awesome idea. I have attended research meetings in the past and hated having all of the notebooks and handouts to bring back on the plane, not to mention when I got home and found that I did not have use for everything – so it got tossed. I love the idea of being able to access the information for an entire year. I have already looked up information on the botulinum toxin for one of our APRNs and she found it very helpful. I found all of the concurrent sessions interesting, pertinent, and useful. I really enjoyed the Keynote Address with Patti Digh. The first morning session was a perfect time to have this entertaining, thought-provoking, humorous speaker. My other favorite was “We did the best we could” by speaker Francie Bernier. I remember looking around the room and everyone was so engaged in her presentation and moved by her mother’s service. I loved it when other service members stood up in the audience so that they could be acknowledged. Overall I must say that this was an excellent conference and I thank you again for the experience.

Jennifer Valenta
Crete, NE

2009 Annual Symposium Scholarship Recipient

My experience at the Annual Symposium was indeed a very positive one. I am so grateful to the SUNA Foundation for awarding this scholarship to allow urology nurses like myself to enrich our career and to also share the knowledge gained with other medical providers we come in contact with. My favorite part of this particular symposium was the fact that we had so many physical therapists presenting expert information related to the pelvic floor. This provides such a wonderful opportunity for clinicians to realize how much we can gain from collaboration with each other. The strides we are making now to promote continence and improve quality of life for patients we serve is so gratifying. San Francisco is a truly beautiful and exciting city. I brought back so many innovative ideas that I will surely share with others. Thanks again for providing such a wonderful opportunity!

Donna Canada, CURN
Eastern Urological Associates, Greenville, NC

2008 Annual Conference Scholarship Recipient

I feel very fortunate to have been the recipient of the 2008 SUNA Annual Conference Scholarship. This was my first ever SUNA conference, and it was difficult to decide which sessions to attend. There were so many that were applicable to my everyday practice in a busy urology clinic. I was blown away by how big it was! The entire event was so well organized and professional that it is an excellent experience for any urology nurse. A real highlight was the Basic Coding session taught by Susanne Talebian.

The Saturday evening party gave me an opportunity to meet other nurses in a social atmosphere, although we ended up talking a lot about work. I met a colleague whose job is very similar to mine – but in another state. We are going to keep in touch through email and be available as a resource to each other.

Victoria Peck, RN
Washington University, Saint Louis, MO

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