SUNA Scholarship Recipients Reflect on Conference Experience


2017 uroLogic Conference Scholarship Recipient

I want to thank you so much for the scholarship and affording me the opportunity to attend the SUNA uroLogic Conference in Chicago. It allowed me to keep up to date with the latest changes in various topics and to stay relevant when caring for my urologic patients.

I was able to attend two preconference workshops, which expanded my confidence in utilization of pessaries and opened a door to integrative medicine that was fascinating to learn about. I find myself considering asking each patient to stick out their tongue, so I can practice diagnosing it.

The venue was exceptional, and the city of Chicago is beautiful. I was able to see a little bit of the city that I might not otherwise have been able to experience. The rest of the conference as usual was packed with outstanding speakers. The keynote was incredible and, as always, everything was perfectly organized and well planned. I greatly appreciate and personally understand how much work was put into this conference, and as I visited and reconnected with long-time friends along with making many new ones, I heard nothing but positive comments.

As always after returning home from SUNA’s conference, I am recharged and energized to return to work and put into practice the things I learned. I also am able to share the information with the office staff who were not able to attend.

With much appreciation,

Linda Adams, LVN, CUA
Pacific Urology
Walnut Creek, CA

2017 uroLogic Conference Scholarship Recipient

I would like to thank you for choosing me as a uroLogic Conference scholarship recipient! As many others have in the past, I never took advantage of the scholarships, thinking someone else needs them more than I do. Kathy Marchese emailed those of us who volunteered for APRN activities, strongly encouraging us to apply. I am ever so thankful she did as this gave me the “push” to apply.

I have been a SUNA member for over 10 years and have attended many conferences. It is a great way to learn and ask questions on presented topics. During question/answer time, I always enjoy hearing others’ questions/perspectives on the presentation topic. The conference agenda is also varied enough to meet everyone’s needs. Although I am a NP, I don’t limit my course selections to advanced practice topics instead choosing what will meet my educational needs.

At every uroLogic Conference, I am able to learn so many new things and update my knowledge base. Every session was informative, but the one that hit home was the research presentation, “Work Incivility.”  The presentation gave me an entirely different perspective to bring to our next chapter board meeting. Why? Our chapter will be meeting to discuss the “future” of our chapter as it relates to lack of member responsiveness to meetings. Our chapter members do not express any incivility; however, we NEED to band together as specialists to prevent the turnover and decline in members who enjoy urology. Maintaining our network as specialist benefits our practice and patients with the common goal being evidence-based, hig- quality patient care. Only our specialty understands our populations and the inherent issues we encounter. Losing members affects patient care, but also our ability to grow and support each other. If I can convince other Board members that our uniqueness alone is reason enough to continue our chapter as well as our ability to support each other, then my goal will be accomplished. I am hoping to brainstorm with our board members to consider changing how we run our chapter so we can meet our members’ needs via a different support model. I plan on referencing this research presentation when we meet as an impetus for change.

The uroLogic Conference scholarship could not have come at a better time! I always leave with so many new pearls, which I greatly appreciate. I am also in awe of the presenters, how much they do, and their knowledge base.

Thank you again.

Linda Davis, FNP-C, CUNP
Schenectady Urological Associates
Schenectady, NY

2016 uroLogic Conference Scholarship Recipient

I was one of this year’s very fortunate recipients of the SUNA Foundation Conference Scholarship and for this I am so grateful. I had a wonderful experience attending the preconference and main conference educational sessions and networking with colleagues and vendors in the exhibition hall. I especially enjoyed the preconference entitled “The Ins and Outs of Pessaries,” which both affirmed my current practices and gave me many new ideas on how to improve my current process on selecting and billing for pessaries. The vendor exhibit hall is always enjoyable for me as I am able to see the newest products available for our patients and to make new relationships with company representatives that will definitely be very useful in the future. I am sure all attendees would agree that the keynote speaker Faith Roberts, MSN, RN, was so inspiring that many, including me, were moved to tears. Her presentation also was a very humorous and invigorating way to start a long day of conference events.

I am so impressed with the organizers of this wonderful conference, and I hope it is not another 6 years before I am able to attend another SUNA uroLogic Conference. I took away many practice-changing lessons and have made valuable new collegial connections for which I could not be more appreciative.

Mary Young Wang, DNP, CRNP
Springfield, PA

2016 uroLogic Conference Scholarship Recipient

It was an honor to receive the scholarship for the 2016 uroLogic Conference in Washington, DC. I have been a member of SUNA for several years and feel there is no better resource for urology nurses. It was such a great experience to network with other nursing professionals from around the country. Please accept my gratitude for the opportunity to attend this confererence.

Barbara Allwein, RN, CURN
Fredericksburg, VA

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