2015 Award Recipients

The following SUNA members and SUNA chapters were recognized with awards at SUNA's 46th Annual Conference in Las Vegas, NV, in October 2015.

President's Trophies

In Recognition of Outstanding Contributions to the Specialty of Urologic Nursing
Katherine Marchese, ANP, CWOCN, CUNP

In Recognition of Outstanding Contributions to SUNA
Katy Bortel, MS, RN, CPNP

Chapter Awards

Chapter of the Year
MIssissippi Valley

Little Chapter with a Big Heart
Metropolitan Baltimore

Chapter With Best Communication
Upper Midwest

Chapter with Exceptional Educational Programs

Chapter with Exceptional Community Activities

Chapter with Exceptional Contribution to SUNA
Chicago Metro

Chapter Enhancement Scholarships

Chicago Metro

North Central Regional Members of the Year

Charlene Vollmer, BSN-BC, RN

Ardeth Hale Leadership Award

Valre Welch, MSN, CPNP

Ron Brady Career Mobility Scholarship

Kathleen Hinterlong, RN, CURN

Macfarlane Award

Julie Wells, CURN

Suszette McKay Memorial Excellence in Urologic Nursing Award

Vic Senese, BSN, RN, CURN

Annual Conference Scholarships

Cheryl Bothwell, RN, CURN
Anne Federico, MA, RN, CCRN, FNP-BC
Tasha Perry, LPN

Lectureships Awards

Vance Caselman Lectureship
Sponsored by the Northern California Chapter of SUNA
Elizabeth Schroeder, RN, FNP, CUNP - Vaginal Estrogen: Is it Safe? How Should it be Used

Arthur T. Evans Lectureship
Sponsored by the American Urological Association
Debbie Hensley, BSN, RN, CURN - Intravesical Administration of Therapeutic Medication: A Standard Operating Procedure

Ruth Hughes Memorial Lectureship
Sponsored by the Greater Houston Chapter of SUNA
Michelle Lajiness, FNP-BC - Managing Urinary Tract Infections and Asymptomatic Bacteriuria

Wyland Leadbetter Lectureship
Sponsored by the Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter of SUNA
Cheryl LeCroy, MSN, RN, and Valre Welch, MSN, RN, CPNP - Childhood Sexual Abuse and Its Urologic Legacy

Patricia Putetti Memorial Lectureship
Sponsored by the Mississippi Valley Chapter of SUNA
Shelley King, MSN, RN, CPN - Grown Up But Not Forgotten: Implementation and Management of an Adult Spina Bifida Transition Clinic Within a Pediatric Urology Clinic

Ian Murchie Thompson Memorial Lectureship
Sponsored by the Columbia/Presbyterian Chapter of SUNA
Leanne Schimke, MSN, CRNP, CUNP - Urologic Care for the Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Past Presidents’ Lectureship
Sponsored by the Past Presidents of SUNA
Valre Welch, MSN, RN, CPNP - Cryptorchidism: Evaluation and Treatment

Urologic Nursing Writer's Awards

Urologic Nursing Catherine-Ann Lawrence Literary Excellence Award
Mary H. Wilde, PhD, RN; Eileen Fairbanks, MS, RN, PNP; Robert Parshall; Feng Zhang, BSN, RN; Sarah Miner, MSN, RN; Deborah Thayer; Brian Harrington, BS; Judith Brasch, MS, RN; Dan Schneiderman; and James M. McMahon, PhD
"A Web-Based Self-Management Intervention for Intermittent Catheter Users" (published May/June 2015)

Urologic Nursing Outstanding Reviewer Award
Gwendolyn Hooper, PhD, APRN, CUNP