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Bladder Health Awareness Initiative

SUNA established a task force to determine ways to improve bladder health awareness in the community. The Bladder Health Community Awareness Initiative Task Force, which included partner representatives from both the National Association for Continence and the Simon Foundation for Continence, developed a Bladder Health Community Awareness presentation that any urology health care professional can utilize for a bladder health presentation in his or her community. The presentation focuses on several areas of bladder health including urinary tract infections, continence, and bladder cancer. In addition, the Bladder Health Community Awareness Initiative Task Force examined and (if necessary) revised existing corresponding Patient Fact Sheets as well as developed a new fact sheet on urinary incontinence. The presentation and several related Patient Fact Sheets can be easily downloaded from the SUNA Web site. The launch of this initiative makes these resources available to promote community awareness.

Access the Presentation

Access the Fact Sheets

The Task force chairperson was Sue Lipsy and the presentation project was facilitated by Pat Meade D’Alisera. Task Force members to be congratulated on this outstanding effort include:

Susan Lipsy, RN, MS, CUNP, Chair
Pat Meade D’Alisera, MSN, FNP, CURN, Co- Chair
Cheryle Gartley, Simon Foundation
Mary Beth Hendricks, MSN, RNCS, FNP, ACNP, CUNP
Cheryl LeCroy, RN, MS, CURN
Rachel Levkowicz, Health Educator NAFC
Silvia Maxwell, MSN, APRN-BC, CUNP
Todd Morningstar, LPN
Donna Thompson, MSN, CRNP, CCCN