SUNA's conference was great! The topics were timely and even though I have been in urology for almost 25 years, I still learned something new to take back to my workplace.

Peggy Poe, RN, CURN, Omaha, NE

What do I value most about my SUNA Membership?

I've had so many opportunities for personal and professional growth because of SUNA. I appreciate the opportunities SUNA has given me. But more important, the friendships I have made among SUNA members are priceless.

Barbara Broome, PhD, RN, CNS, Mobile, AL

The pearls I received from attending conference lectures and collaborating with outstanding urologic professionals was priceless. I brought back many ideas to improve my practice.

Cheryl Bothwell, RN, CURN

What makes SUNA a great association?

The help SUNA provided me to begin a continence program made it happen! I knew nothing about making a successful program, but with the foundation of knowledge provided by SUNA, the program grew and flourished.

Nancy Spilde, SPRN, CURN, Bismarck, ND

Why am I a SUNA member?

I feel it’s important to be well informed as well as certified in my field of practice. SUNA offers great educational opportunities.

Heather Gulish, MSN, RN, CUNP, Saint Clair Shores, MI

Why am I a SUNA member?

SUNA offers me the most complete and reliable information regarding urologic nursing issues.

Jean Jones, BSN, RN, Lincoln, NE

What do I value most about my SUNA Membership?

Library, continuing education credits, fellowship, and the answers to EVERYTHING!

Susan Barefoot, RN

What makes SUNA a great association?

The people! Any organization is only as good as the people that are part of it. SUNA has some of the best, most supportive people I have ever met.

Joan Guilianelli, CPN, CUA, Glenwood Springs, CO

I would like to thank you for the free CNEs. It is very helpful to those of us who are certified and need our hours. It is also a great learning opportunity.

Leslie Klein, CUNP, Knoxville, TN

New Edition of Telephone Nursing Practice in Urology Now Available

SUNA has released the second edition of Telephone Nursing Practice in Urology. The new edition features telephone triage protocols to assist urologic nurses in patient assessment and care planning. Each protocol includes: Etiology; Assessment Questions; Recent Urologic Procedures; Other Urologic...

Celebrate Urology Nurses and Associates Week (November 1-7)

SUNA has designated the first week in November as Urology Nurses and Associates Week. This special week is set aside to recognize and celebrate the unique skills and contributions of urology nurses and associates. Don't miss this opportunity to show your appreciation for the urology nurses and...

Fall 2017 Issue of Uro-Gram Now Available

Read the current issue of SUNA's newsletter. The Uro-Gram features the latest news from the organization, including a message from the Board of Directors, national conference information, updates from SUNA's chapters and Special Interest Groups, and more.

SUNA offers the...

Free CNE in SUNA Online Library: October Program Focuses on Desire Disorders

Each month SUNA offers a FREE continuing nursing education (CNE) program in SUNA's Online Library. This special offer is available to SUNA members only! This month's featured session, Fifty Shades of Desire: Understanding and Treating Lack of Desire, was originally offered at the 2016 uro...

OAB Learning Center Offers Online Education and Resources

The OAB Learning Center is an online resource that provides urology nurses with education and resources to more effectively treat patients with overactive bladder (OAB). Led by an international panel of clinical experts, the Learning Center incorporates CE activities that will help clinicians evaluate OAB...

2017 CBUNA Recertification Information

CBUNA is accepting recertification applications for those individuals whose certification expires December 31, 2017. Applications should be submitted at least 1 month prior to the expiration date. Click below to read more about the recertification process or to complete the online recertification...