Fellow of the Academy of Urologic Nurses & Associates


The Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates (SUNA) has established an innovative program to recognize the sustained and influential work of those members who are transforming urology nursing. This program was developed to recognize the outstanding individuals who have continued to have the vision and endurance to move SUNA forward as an organization.

The Fellow program was developed in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of SUNA in 2019, to celebrate the organization’s history and legacy, one that has actively sought to educate health care professionals to provide exemplary care for patients with urology concerns.

Current Fellows

Fellows of the Academy of Urologic Nurses and Associates are SUNA members who have made outstanding, sustained contribution to SUNA and to urology education, policy, management, clinical practice and research. Each Fellow supports the mission of SUNA and becomes a member of a pool from which the SUNA Board and conference committees can seek advice regarding local speaker recommendations, research proposals, and education offerings.

Fellows have made enduring and substantial contributions to the field of urology nursing as teachers, mentors, scholars, clinicians, public policy advocates, and administrators. They provide leadership and are recognized for their expertise in the care of urology patients, practicing to the fullest extent of their education and licensure.

A candidate for fellowship must provide evidence of substantial contributions that have contributed to the care of urology patients and supported SUNA’s Mission.

SUNA Mission

Responsibilities of SUNA Fellows

All individuals accepted as SUNA Fellows are expected to:

  • Attend future Fellow introduction ceremonies, to take place during the annual conference
  • Maintain membership in SUNA
  • Pay annual SUNA Fellow dues, a separate fee in addition to SUNA membership (Active $45; International $45; Associate $35; and Senior $22.50)
  • Participate as an active SUNA fellow in a variety of capacities, such as manuscript reviewer, author, task force member, conference presenter, national and local chapter members
  • Act as sponsors for future classes of SUNA Fellows

Fellowship Categories

There are four distinct types of Fellowship available for SUNA members, distinguished by licensure. There is only one selection cycle per year, and applicants will be selected based on the strength of their application and supporting letters.


All individuals accepted as Fellows of the Academy of Urologic Nurses and Associates will be granted use of the following credentials, as long as they remain in good standing with the Fellowship program: FAUNA

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Application Process

Individuals who wish to apply for Fellowship must submit an application on or before March 1 of each year. An application is complete only if all required documentation is provided and the required personal statements are included. This includes nominator statements from a FAUNA member, and a supporting letter from a colleague with whom you work that can attest to your enduring and substantial contributions over time to the care of urology patients. A $40 application fee applies and must be submitted along with the completed application for consideration.

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