Newly Certified

Congratulations to the following individuals who became board certified by passing one of the certification examinations administered by CBUNA in 2024.

Certified Urologic Associate (CUA)

  • Beth Van Nort, Illion, NY
  • Alyssa Crist, Kuna, ID

Certified Urologic Registered Nurse (CURN)

  • LeAnn Schiller, Palmyra, NJ
  • Janene Johnson, Livonia, MI
  • Jennifer Konyesni, Srongville, OH
  • Sarah Dixon, Charlotte, NC
  • Katherine Green, Charlotte, NC
  • Erika Babineau, Waxhaw, NC
  • Laila Bailey, Fairfax, VA

Certified Urologic Nurse Practitioner (CUNP)

  • Mandy Ladner, Melrose, MA
  • Katelyn Pannell, Fulton, MS
  • Katese Rutherford, Tupelo, MS
  • Catherine Frank, Henrico, VA
  • Meredith Kydd, Tyngsborough, MA
  • Sarah Murfey, Chicago, IL
  • Morgan Danielson, South Bend, IN