The mission and vision of CBUNA

CBUNA President


CBUNA is the only national certification body established to certify urologic nurses and associated allied health care professionals in urologic nursing practice.

Take a moment or two to learn more about our certification process and how CBUNA will help you reach your personal and professional goal of becoming certified. Certification through CBUNA is an investment in your career that enhances your self-esteem, confidence, and professionalism.

Thank you for visiting and for saying "Yes" to certification as a testimony to your hard work and expertise in the care of patients with urologic disease.


Anthony Lutz, MSN, NP-C, CUNP
CBUNA President


CBUNA improves the quality of care provided to urology patients by promoting and acknowledging the highest standards of urologic nursing practice through the certification process. Certification is a process by which a non-governmental agency or association validates an individual's qualifications and knowledge of practice in a defined function or clinical area, based upon predetermined standards. It assures both the lay public and other professionals that an individual has the knowledge needed to practice in a particular role in a particular specialty area. Certification:

  • Develops standards of nursing care vital to the public interest
  • Provides growth and advancement in nursing practice
  • Enhances individual achievement and the individual's sense of professionalism
  • Promotes a commitment to quality in the delivery of care to the public

More than 650 urologic nurses and associates are currently certified by the CBUNA. To become certified, candidates must pass a standardized examination. Individuals successfully completing the certification process may use the following credentials for a period of 3 years:

  • CURN® - Certified Urologic Registered Nurse
  • CUNP® - Certified Urologic Nurse Practitioner
  • CUA - Certified Urologic Associate


CBUNA officially endorses the Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates (SUNA) diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) position statement as put forth by the DEI Task Force in the SUNA Position on Access to Care, which states:

“SUNA, as a professional nursing organization, fosters the principles of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion of all its members in promoting a safe environment and is committed to upholding, honoring, and celebrating the differences of our urologic patients and their families, ensuring the human dignity of all.”


Certification Exam Statistics

Year Total Candidates Pass Tested for Recertification
2023 49 42 0
2022 44 35 1
2021 53 38 1
2020 53 46 3
2019 91 68 3
2018 68 52 4

Recertification Statistics

Year Eligible to Recertify Recertified by Exam Recertified by CE
2024 174    
2023 171 0 117
2022 204 1 136
2021 198 1 137
2020 195 3 125
2019 196 3 135
2018 193 4 145