Recertification Eligibility

Requirements for recertification of a CBUNA credential

Current licensure for RN, PA, LPN/LVN, NP or CNS Current CBUNA certification. Minimum of 800 hours of urological practice experience during the previous 3-year certification period. CBUNA recognizes 3 distinctive components of nursing practice: service, education, and research. Practice may be direct or indirect and include acute or long-term care, clinics/offices, home care/community health, surgery, education, research, and administration.

It is the policy of CBUNA that no individual shall be excluded from the opportunity to participate in the CBUNA certification program on the basis of age, sex, race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity.


Eligibility Requirements Rationale

These requirements assure the following: must have achieved initial certification, 800 clinical practice hours is sufficient to maintain exposure to urologic practice, candidate meets all current legal requirements of their licensure, and 36 contacts hours over 3 years is sufficient to maintain current knowledge in the specialty of urology. The inclusion of nephrology as an associated area of knowledge is due to the interrelatedness of urological and nephrology conditions, e.g., obstructions caused by prostatic hypertrophy or stone disease can lead to hydronephrosis and kidney failure.


Grace Period/Late Submission

After December 31 of the recertification period, CBUNA will accept late recertification applications from January 1 through March 31. A $50 late fee will be incurred.

Use of the CBUNA credential during the extension (grace period) is prohibited. If recertification requirements are met, there will be no lapse in certification dates.

Any application received after the 3-month grace period will be declared ineligible. There will be no exceptions or extension of this time frame. Contact hours earned and applied during the grace period may NOT be used in future recertification applications.