Certification Scholarships

Scholarships and Awards available to new CBUNA certificants

SUNA Foundation Jan Le Bouton CBUNA Certification Scholarship

Annually, SUNA Foundation awards a scholarship to promote and encourage certification in urology. The recipient of the scholarship will receive a stipend to cover the cost of the CBUNA certification examination and a copy of the CBUNA Examination Preparation Guide.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Applicant must have been an active SUNA member in good standing for at least 1 year.
  2. Applicant must have been employed in the field of urology for a minimum of 2 years.
  3. Applicant must be able to meet all other financial responsibilities associated with taking the certification exam.
  4. Applicant must have not yet taken the exam.

Application Requirements

  1. Applicant must submit a current resume or curriculum vitae.
  2. Applicant will submit a typed statement citing his/her reasons for seeking this scholarship - sharing personal views on the value of certification and his/her aspirations as a potential certified member of SUNA.
  3. When selected, the scholarship winner will agree to have the award information announced on the SUNA website. The winner will write a brief summary of his/her certification experience for the website.

Selection Process

An appointed board of three certified members will review applications. Selection will be based on potential future contributions to urologic patient care.

Submit documentation to SUNA via email (suna@ajj.com) or fax (856-589-7463). All documentation must be received no later than June 1.

Scholarship Recipients

2023 - Vivian Aiken, RN, CUA
2022 - Carrie DeFuss, DNP, NP-C, CURN
2020 - Linda Fritsche, CMA
2019 - Stephanie Tomicich, NP
2018 - Kevin Trimble, MSN, FNP-BC
2014 - Sarah King, CMA
2013 - Debbie Miller, LPN

Macfarlane Award

This award is presented to the person who attains the highest score on the certification examination for the previous year. The recipient of this award will demonstrate dedication to the practice of urology and an outstanding knowledge base. A certificate recognizing the recipient's achievement will be presented during the SUNA uroLogic Conference (if recipient is in attendance).

Award Recipients 

2024 - Alanna Mahramas, RN, CURN
2023 - Christen Nicole Wilbur, APRN, CUNP
2022 - Cindy Curry, FNP, CUNP
2022 - Heather Morris, RN, CURN
2021 - Susan Kaib, RN, CURN
2020 - Sherry Lynn Baker, LVN, CUA
2020 - Connie Thrash, BSN, RN, CURN
2019 - Molly Tucker, FNP-BC CUNP
2018 - Nicole Boesch, CUA
2018 - Debbie Broyles, CURN
2017 - Connie Dascotte, RN, CURN
2016 - Beth Wanagat, RN, CURN
2016 - Abigail Livingstone, BSN, RN, CURN
2015 - Julie Wells, CURN
2014 - Garrett Brake, CUA
2013 - Victoria Peck, MHS, BSN, RN, CURN
2012 - Karl Gunnerson, BSN, RN, CNOR, CGRN, CMLSO, CURN
2012 - Brenda Madsen, CURN
2011 - Treva Thomasson, CURN