Chapter Start-Up Funds

Description: Start-up chapters may apply for a one time grant for $100 to support the growth and development of a new chapter in accordance with the missions of SUNA and the SUNA Foundation.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Start-up chapters must receive recommendations for the funds from their Director-at-Large.
  2. Submitted applications must be complete and include a description of the proposed use of the funds and how this will benefit the growth and development of the start-up chapter.
  3. Start- up chapters may only receive the funding once but if they are unsuccessful after receiving the funds and then reform again they will become eligible again to re- apply for this funding as a new entity.

Selection Process

  1. Completed applications must be submitted to the SUNA National Office.
  2. Directors-at-Large will review the application and submit their recommendations to the SUNA Foundation to award the funds.
  3. The start-up chapters will be notified of their funds.

Recipient's Responsibility: Recipients will communicate progress on their chapter formation to their Directors-at-Large. 

Download the Chapter Start-Up Funds Application