Young Investigators Program


  1. The research grant will be applied for, as per instructions on the Application for Clinical Research Support for Urologic Nursing Related Issues. Applicant must be a current SUNA member in good standing for a minimum of 1 year.
  2. Applications for research grants are accepted on an ongoing basis by SUNA. Monies are awarded by the Board of Directors on the basis of available resources and in accordance with the Board's current research priorities.

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Selection of Recipient

  1. The Research Committee will convene to review the proposals based on scientific merit and feasibility.
  2. SUNA will award funding based on established research priorities and availability of funds.
  3. The SUNA Board of Directors reserves the right to make the final decision on all grant monies awarded.

Award Amount

SUNA may provide initial funding based on available funds.

Expectations of the Recipient

  1. A Research Award Recipient Agreement will be signed by the investigator accepting the first payment of 25% of the awarded amount at the time of SUNA’s receipt of the signed document. The second payment of 25% will be issued following appropriate submission of a progress report 6 months following the signed date on this document.
  2. Funds must be used to cover expenses incurred in conducting the research. These expenses may include, but not necessarily be limited to, researcher’s salary, research assistance, secretarial support, equipment/supplies, consultative assistance, and travel costs. Indirect costs up to 7% of the total grant amount will be funded. Authorized expenses include only the items listed in the line-item budget that was approved by the SUNA Board of Directors.
  3. A satisfactory progress report is due every six months until completion of the research. This report should be directed to the Research Liaison, care of the SUNA National Office, at
  4. The final report should be submitted within 60 days of completion of the project, but within one year from the signed agreement date. Upon receipt of the final report, the third 25% of the funds will be released.  Grant recipients who do not submit the required scientific report will be ineligible for future SUNA funding until delinquent reports are received and approved.
  5. Upon podium presentation at a SUNA national conference, and submission of the study and results for publication in Urologic Nursing, the fourth and final 25% of the funding will be released. Main conference attendance is required and presenter(s) will receive 1-day complimentary registration to attend.
  6. Any publication of the study findings must acknowledge the receipt of support from SUNA by including the following statement: "This study was supported by a grant made available by the Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates.”
  7. Any publication of the study findings must contain the following statement: “Findings of the study do not necessarily reflect the opinions of SUNA. The views expressed herein are those of the author, and no official endorsement by SUNA is intended or should be inferred."