Forming a SUNA Chapter

If you are interested in forming a new SUNA chapter, please follow these steps:

  • Contact the SUNA National Office at or 1-888- TAP-SUNA to inform them about your interest.
  • Request the name of your assigned Director-at-Large and his/ her contact information.
  • Review the online chapter resources and policies.
  • Provide the national office with a list of the zip codes that will contain the members in your chapter.
  • Submit names of officers and contact information.
  • Submit at least 6 names of chapter members who are national members.
  • Submit chapter name, chapter bylaws, and chapter office address and phone list.
  • Send a copy of this information via e-mail to the SUNA National Office and your assigned Director-at-Large
  • After a 1-year probationary period the chapter is eligible for affiliation. Your assigned Director-at-Large must present the chapter for affiliation to the Board of Directors who will vote on the proposed affiliation. The chapter will be notified of the board’s vote on affiliation.

SUNA Policy

For additional information, please refer to the following policy in the SUNA Policy & Procedure Manual. (Please note that you must log in as a SUNA member to access the Policy & Procedure Manual).

  • 40-100: Chapter Formation & Affiliation


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