Maintaining A SUNA Chapter

  • In order to maintain active SUNA chapter status, a chapter must have six SUNA national members, submit a report on the activities in the chapter 60 days prior to each Board of Directors meeting, hold one meeting annually (this does not have to offer contact hours), and complete part 1 of the Chapter Review Form annually. Part 2 of the form is required to be considered for national chapter awards, but not required to maintain active chapter status.
  • Chapters who do not meet these requirements, should contact their Director-at-Large to discuss a chapter rescue plan, chapter dissolution or inactivation policies.
  • Rotation of leadership is highly encouraged according to your chapter’s bylaws.
  • Newly elected officers should be encouraged to attend leadership development opportunities given at the SUNA Annual Conference.
  • Chapter bylaws should be reviewed / revised as necessary.

SUNA Policy

For additional information, please refer to the following policies in the SUNA Policy & Procedure Manual. (Please note that you must log in as a SUNA member to access the Policy & Procedure Manual).

  • 40-200: Maintenance of Active Chapter Status
  • 40-400: Chapter of the Year Award
  • 40-401: Chapter Review Letter
  • 40-401A: Chapter Review Form
  • 40-500: Chapter Rescue, Inactive Status and Dissolution


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