Organizing Your First SUNA Chapter Meeting

Follow these tips when planning your first chapter meeting:

  1. Develop an inquiry letter informing others of the need / benefits of a local SUNA chapter.
  2. Plan an informational meeting along with an educational program.
  3. Contact the SUNA National Office to obtain addresses or mailing labels to notify chapter members of the meeting.
  4. Plan to serve refreshments if possible.
  5. Seek assistance for recruiting participants from local pharmaceutical representatives who have regular contact with urology offices.
  6. Consider the needs and geography of your area in planning meeting sites.
  7. Contact the SUNA National Office to obtain membership applications and SUNA resource information prior to the meeting date for distribution at the meeting.
  8. Keep minutes of the meeting to be distributed.
  9. Start a roster of attendees' names and contact information (name, address, phone, e-mail address, work address).
  10. Distribute SUNA membership applications and SUNA information during the meeting.
  11. Ask for volunteers to serve in chapter leadership positions (i.e., President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer).
  12. Select a chapter name and logo (chapter logo is optional).
  13. Vote to accept chapter bylaws and have all officers’ sign.

SUNA Policy For additional information, please refer to the following policy in the SUNA Policy & Procedure Manual. (Please note that you must log in as a SUNA member to access the Policy & Procedure Manual).

  • 10-102: Use of SUNA’s Name and/ or Logo


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