Advanced uroLogic Registration Scholarships

Registration scholarships are provided by sponsors and maintained through the SUNA Foundation. Each scholarship will provide conference registration fee up to a maximum of $500, which will be paid at the time of conference registration. One registration scholarship shall be dedicated to a 1-year SUNA member (defined as 1-year to 23-month SUNA membership at the time of application). Any unused funds are non-transferable. The registration scholarships are for ALL levels of SUNA membership that meet the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Membership must be current and active for the immediate past 1-2 years (see individual scholarship application for requirements).
  2. Currently employed in urologic health care.
  3. Applicant must provide a completed application prior to the stated deadline.
  4. Applicant must meet the terms as stipulated under the funded scholarship, as described below:

Selection Process

  1. Application is to be submitted to the SUNA national office by December 31.
  2. The SUNA Foundation Board of Trustees will evaluate the eligible requests and select the recipients or will form a task force for this purpose. In the event of equal qualifications, further documentation may be required.
  3. Applicants will be notified of their status in a timely manner.

Recipient's Responsibility

  1. Recipient may register for the conference by mail, fax, or online.
  2. Recipient must attend all educational presentations indicated on registration form.
  3. Recipient must write a letter to the SUNA National Office describing the experience and the effect it had on their career with permission to publish the letter.
  4. Recipients cannot apply again for any Foundation Scholarship for 3 full years.

Past Presidents’ Scholarship
Sponsored by the Past Presidents of SUNA

This scholarship was established to advance the practice of nursing in urology and to honor those exhibiting expertise in their field of practice. This scholarship will be awarded to a SUNA member wanting to advance their knowledge of urologic nursing who otherwise might not be able to attend the Advanced uroLogic Conference.

Download Scholarship Application - SUNA member 1 year

Arthur T. Evans Memorial Scholarship
Sponsored by the American Urological Association (AUA)

Dr. Arthur T. Evans was one of the founding fathers of the AUAA. In the late 1960s, the AUA recognized the need for specialty education of supporting personnel - the urology nurse, technician, and physician's assistant. Dr. Evans was one of the leaders who was instrumental in influencing the AUA to create an Allied division as part of its organization. In 1969, the Allied Health Professions Committee of the AUA was formed, with Dr. Evans as chairman. This scholarship, established to recognize Dr. Evans' many contributions to allied urologic education, will be awarded to an allied health professional in the field of urology who is a SUNA member. Preferences will be given to someone who is certified by CBUNA.

Download Scholarship Application - SUNA member 2 years or more