SUNA Develops New Patient Education Fact Sheet on the Use of Vaginal Estrogen for Pelvic Floor Disorders

SUNA has developed a new Patient Education Fact Sheet entitled Use of Vaginal Estrogen in Women with Pelvic Floor Disorders. The fact sheet provides an overview of the use of vaginal estrogen, including safety concerns, contraindications for use, administration options, and alternative treatments. This new fact sheet as well as additional fact sheets developed by SUNA are available for free download on SUNA’s website. In all, SUNA offers fact sheets on 22 urology-related topics, many of which are also available in Spanish.

NAQC Releases White Paper on Nursing’s Role in Fostering Patient Engagement

The Nursing Alliance for Quality Care (NAQC) has released a white paper entitled “Fostering Successful Patient and Family Engagement: Nursing's Critical Role.” The paper calls for supporting nurses in increasing patient engagement and supporting patients and their families in meeting the challenges of making health and health care decisions.

The paper outlines a strategic plan encompassing six areas of opportunity that are essential to transforming patient engagement. These include:

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